Issue 7 and Volume 34.

ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL FIREMEN. The Association of Professional Firemen is a society formed last year, whose object is to improve the fire service in the United Kingdom through the meeting of officers and men for the exchange of views, and the perfecting of the organisation by deciding upon schemes for superannuation and the conditions of employment. At the first annual meeting held on July 9 at Caxton Hall, Westminster. London. Firemastcr Paterson, of Glasgow, Scotland. Chief Officers Thomas (Liverpool) and Traee (Birmingham) are vicepresidents; treasurer. Chief Officer Geall (Burry); honorary secretary. Station Officer Hamer (London). The loss at the late fire in the Boston store, Milwaukee. Wis., was much heavier than it would otherwise have been, if the iron shutters, which had been only recently placed on the windows, had been closed. Fire entered from the adjoining building.

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