Issue 8 and Volume 34.

AUTOMOBILE FIRE RISKS. The relation of gasolene automobiles in barns to dwellinghouse business will probably be discussed by insurance men at Chicago this fall. According to Western managers the rapid increase in the number of vehicles of this class promises to have an important bearing on dwellinghouse risks in the future, and will soon have to be accurately determined. At present in Chicago an extra charge of ten cents is made for the first gasolene automobile in barns and five cents for each additional vehicle, and this is practically the same provision as prevails in New York. The managers who have been studying the question claim that the number of gasolene vehicles is increasing much more rapidly than the steam or electric motors; and that the introduction of gasolene under any circumstances into barns is to be deprecated. As the class of business most concerned—dwellings—is most desirable, it is believed…

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