Issue 11 and Volume 34.

TANK COLLAPSES AT BEVERLY. Quite recently a 50,000-gallon pump supply tank adjacent to the large factory of the Woodbury Bros Shoe company, at Beverly, Mass., collapsed without warning, and in a few moments was a total wreck. The tank was on a three-foot trestle outside of and near the brick boiler house, which was saved from destruction by the presence of a T fire wall between the boiler and engine room which withstood the shock. The tank was twenty-one feet in diameter and eighteen feet high with three-inch staves, and wrought iron hoops from four to six inches wide and from one-eighth to three-sixteenths of an inch in thickness. It was eleven years old, and. while the hoops looked all right from the outside, investigation after the accident showed that they were rusted in places to the thickness of a finger nail. It is thought that the hoops finally gave…

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