Issue 12 and Volume 34.

ESOPUS CREEK FOR NEW YORK WATER. It is expected that Mayor Low’s commission of experts appointed to examine into the sources of water supply for New York city will present six different schemes, of which three will deal altogether with the Croton watershed; a fourth, with a ramification of the old Ramapo project; a fifth, with the storage dam possibilities of the Adirondacks; and the sixth, with an entirely new proposition for a storage dam in the Catskill mountains. This embraces the utilisation of the Esopus creek, on whieh are several good reservoir sites, including one at Bishops falls, where by damming the creek a natural reservoir can be formed by the surrounding mountains. It will cover an area of eight square miles on an elevation of 600 feet, and will be of enormous capacity, while the cost of obtaining this gravity supply would be but small. By an ingenious…

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