Issue 12 and Volume 34.

AMONG THE FIRE ENGINEERS Good Work Along the Line Keep the Fire Loss Low. DES MOINES, IA. Des Moines, Polk county, Ia., is an important business city of over 62,000 inhabitants, with a fire area of 33,000 acres and many fine business buildings of brick and stone, some of them nine stories high and a number of schools, churches, and private residences of brick and wood. It has an excellent water system, with a fire pressure of 140 pounds, and over 1,000 hydrants set in its thoroughfares. Its fire department under the command of Chief William Burnett has a membership of between sixty and seventy all paid full time. They form a most efficient corps of thoroughly well disciplined, honorable, active, intelligent men, ready to go anywhere and do anything when called upon to save life and property. These excellent points are due in great measure to the good training…

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