Issue 12 and Volume 34.

WATER SUPPLY OF MEDFORD. The water system of Medford. Mass, was built by the city in 1880. Its cource of supply is Shot pond by gravity and pumping to reservoir. The pond which also supplies Malden and Melrose. has an area of about 260 acres, a drainage area of 1,100 acres. and is 139 feet above tide-level and 130 feet above the city. Two Deane pumping engines, Of a daily capacity of 1,500,000 gallons each, pump the water to a standpipe, whose capacity is 520,000 gallons. All the water used during 1902 was taxe-i from the Metropolitan supply. During the pas Year. 1.556 feet of new main (ten-inch to six-inch) was laid, and a considerable amount of cast iron pipe was substituted for one and one-half-inch cement main. The Metropolitan water board laid a fortv-eight-inch main through many of the street,. Of service pipe nearly 3000 hundred and sixty-six hydrants…

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