Issue 12 and Volume 34.

BACTERIAL ANALYSIS OF WATER. At the congress of the Royal Institute of Public Health, recently held in England, Dr. Savage opened a discussion on the need of a uniform scheme of examination to be adopted in the bacterioscopical analysis of water. The speaker considered the subject under these headings: (1) The collection and trails mission of the samples; (2) the data to be ascertained; (3) the processes and procedures of the examination; and (4) the interpretation of the results. With regard to the first, he detailed the precautions usually adopted, but stated that he was by no means sure that ice-packing preserved the bacterial contents unaltered. As regards the second point he suggested (a) number of aerobic organisms per cubic centimetre developing at thirty-seven decrees C.; investigation as to the presence associated ot grecs associated contamination, such as bacillus bacillus enteriditis sporogenes, streptococci, tococci, and proteus ana proreus bacillus, typhosus,…

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