Issue 12 and Volume 34.

THE NATIONAL FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Former Chief George C. Hale, as president of the National Firemen’s Association of the United State, in a paper read at the fifth annual convention of the organisation held last year at Detroit, Mich., impresses on firemen of all ranks the need of so uniting their forces as to have “respectability, power, efficiency, and protection.” In his “extensive observations of the splendidly equipped firemen’s associations of the old world” he confesses to being “humiliated” by the contrast between theirs and those in this country. He found there “every nation with a thoroughly federated fire service, [and] the leading men of the country in the organisation; even royalty, in many instances, participating in the ser vices.” He found these men “eminent in the councils of the government, [and that] it was an honor to be an officer in the fire service.” I found (he adds) a total…

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