Issue 15 and Volume 34.

GIGANTIC COLUMNS. The eight great pillars for the Episcopal cathedral of St. John the Divine, Manhattan, New York, have been completed, shipped to this city, and are now being transported from the dock to Cathedral Heights. Each is a memorial gift, and each one cost $25,000. An enormous lathe was built to turn these columns, which were intended to be monoliths. Unfortunately, however, they broke in the lathe while being polished, one within a few hours of comple tion. They are, therefore, made in two pieces, the larger section of which is thirty-seven feet six inches in length by six feet in diameter, and weighs ninety tons. The smaller section is seventeen feet long, five feet in diameter at the smaller end, and weighs from forty to forty-five tons. They are of Fox Island, Me., granite, and were transported, two columns at one time, on the deck of a lighter,…

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