Issue 15 and Volume 34.

NEW FIRE PROTECTION INVENTION. Chief Yates, of Schenectady, N. Y., has invented a machine for fire service consisting of a monitor, such as is used on fireboats, mounted on a twowheeled platform, capable of throwing a powerful stream 200 feet, and of being moved at will from place to place either by horses or men. The man operating this piece of apparatus is kept covered with a sheet of water and the machine itself is protected from the heat. This monitor can he operated more satisfactorily than those hitherto used and mounted on four-wheeled hose wagons, as it can be placed in position more easily and to hotter ad vantage, without either machine or man suffering from heat. Another advantage is the accompanying sheet of water which covers everything within a radius of fifteen feet. The device for spraying the water is on the same plan as a whirling lawn…

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