Issue 15 and Volume 34.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING After full investigation of the water supply situation in New York city, Messrs. W. H. Burr, Rudolph Henry, and John Freeman, the committee appointed by Mayor Low to investigate the present conditions and suggest a remedy for them, the following conclusions have been arrived at by the commissioners: I. That, notwithstanding the most favorable anticipations relative to the prevention of waste, the immediate beginning of the construction of a large additional supply is urgent. 2. The commissioners were advised at the outset by the corporation counsel, that, owing to the probability of litigation and consequent delay, they should not consider any streams flowing from New York into a neighboring State or waters outside this State. They have, therefore, found that it is possible to obtain an adequate additional supply of excellent water from streams lying wholly within the State of New York. The result seems to…

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