Issue 15 and Volume 34.

FILTRATION PLANT AT WASHINGTON. The water supply of the city of Washington, D. C., is shortly to be improved by the construction of a large filtration plant, work on which is now in progress under the supervision of Lieut. Col. A. M. Miller, Corps of Engineers. U. S. A., and Allen Hazen, consulting engineer. The contract for the centrifugal pumps and the engines has been awarded to the Worthington company, of New York, who will supply three thirty-six-inch pumps of the triplevane impeller type, each direct connected to a Harrisburg, four-valve, taudem-compound, condensing engine. Each unit will be capable of supplying 30,000 gallons of water per minute at a total head of thirty five feet. The Federal government specifications require an exceptionally high efficiency in the pumping equipment, and every part of the plant will represent the latest and best practice. The company supplying the centrifugal pumps will also furnish…

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