Issue 17 and Volume 34.

A MILLION DOLLAR FIRE. On October 16 at Aberdeen, Wash., a lumbertown of 7,000 inhabitants, fire caused four deaths and destroyed property valued at approximately $1,000,000. It practically wiped out the main business street of the town, which is built mostly of wood. The fire was the natural result of building a wooden city upon wooden foundations on land filled in with sawdust, with streets planked with dry fir. Probably nowhere in the West was there another city so entirely built of combustible material. Both residents and insurance companies have long feared such a conflagration. Insurance rates have been raised several times, after protests by underwriters against a situation which invited a fierce fire sooner or later. Local volunteer fire equipment consisting of a hand engine, a chemical engine on wheels, two chemical extinguishers, a hook and ladder truck, three hose carriages, 2,100 feet of reliable hose, 500 of inferior.…

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