Issue 18 and Volume 34.

WHAT WATERWORKS MEN ARE DOING Construction, Extension, and Management of Plants. NASHVILLE, TENN. The waterworks department of Nashville, Tenn., is continually and gradually improving. The revenue collected for 1902 was $ 159,204.94, an increase of $8,384.65 over the previous year. The operating expenses were $57,829, a reduction of $1,756.64 as compared with 1901. This not only includes operating expenses, but improvements and betterments. During the year a modern air-compressor was purchased at a cost of $890, to take the place of the three old and antiquated air pumps of the locomotive pattern, also an improved lathe at a cost of $327; two modern improved pipe tapping machines at $75 each. John T. Ahearn is superintendent of waterworks. WACO, TEX. Contractor McSweeney, who is to construct a lake for the Katy railway about a mile and a quarter s nithwest of Waco, Tex., the water to be brought in to the…

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