Issue 20 and Volume 34.

THE FALSE ALARM FIEND Three false alarms within fifteen minutes were turned in at noon on Thursday week for fires supposedly on Broad street, Manhattan, New York. It is not known whether they were the result of mischievous persons or crossed electric wires. The arrival of the apparatus created considerable excitement in the neighborhood of Wall street, and demoralised and scattered the curbstone brokers in Broad street. The last of the two was sensational in its accompaniments. The driver of fire engine No. 4, realising that, if he tried to turn the corner of Broad and Beaver streets on the slippery asphalt, the heavy machine would probably turn over, deliberately caused the three horses to plunge up the steps of the Morris building on the northeast corner. The spectators were driven panicstricken into the hallway. The engine pole struck a step and broke short off, and one of the outside…

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