Issue 21 and Volume 34.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING It will be observed that the report of Mayor Low’s special commissioners on an increased water supply for New York city recommends the augmentation of the supply from the eastern tributaries of the Hudson, especially Fishkill creek, Wappinger’s creek, and the upper Jansen, as well as from the Hudson at or near Hyde Park. In the event of further supplies being needed, Esopus creek and its surrounding and adjoining waters may be drawn upon. In this way 500,000,000 additional gallons a day may he obtained. If 200,000,000 gallons daily are to he made available, it will cost about $50,000,000. The water drawn from the Hudson river and adjacent sources must, of course, be filtered, as, indeed, should those from the proposed Esopus creek source. In that case the public could entertain no suspicion as to the purity of the waters supplied to it. The same method…

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