Issue 21 and Volume 34.

SYSTEMATIC FIRE PROTECTION. How the Manchester Ship Canal is Guarded against the Flames. With the building of the Manchester Ship canal in England new methods of fire protection for a dock system have been inaugurated, though not at the expense of that disciplined and constant watchfulness which has always been in vogue, nor of the disuse, but rather the increase in and improvement of the most handy appliances by which incipient outbreaks may be checked, if not absolutely extinguished, and by the addition of a third means by which both men and appliances may be concentrated at the point of danger with the least possible delay. The docks of the port of Manchester forming the terminus of that city’s ship (See General Plan) canal comprise in acres the following: Area of water space in the docks now in use equaling 104.50 acres; area of quay space (exclusive of sheds and…

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