Issue 21 and Volume 34.

AMONG THE FIRE ENGINEERS NEWS OF THE DEPARTMENTS, SPECIALLY PREPARED FOR FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING TAMPA, FLA. Chief A. J. Harris, of Tampa, Fla., has had a considerable amount of trouble to contend against during the past year. The expenses of the department had to be reduced, and as he did not wish to cut down salaries, he laid off three permanent men and one extra man. Previous to this the firemen had become members of a labor union, and the Central Trades Assembly demanded that the city council should at once reinstate the four men thus laid off. under penalty of an immediate strike. On their demand being refused, the strike was declared the same evening, whereby the city and the lives and property of the citizens were left exposed to the danger of a fire. Chief Harris tells of his experiences as follows: “I, being very ill at…

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