Issue 22 and Volume 34.

FISH AND THE BACILLUS COLL. How fish may be the instruments of spreading typhoid fever, if caught in impure water and then used as food, is shown by Mr George A. Johnson, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. He says that, while it had been shown that the colon bacillus is taken up by fish, in whose intestinal tract it multiplies extremely rapidly, a search of a large number of fish caught in an unpolluted water failed to reveal the presence of this organism in the intestinal tract. It would, therefore, seem possible that fish, having taken up the colon bacillus from a polluted water, might migrate to a water of comparative purity, where they would naturally discharge the greatly increased number of these organisms. ” hether the finding of the colon bacillus deposited in a water in this manner would depreciate the value of the colon test in the examination of…

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