Issue 22 and Volume 34.

RADIUM IN CONNECTICUT WATERS. If by prospecting in Connecticut C. P. King, a Boston mineralogist, as to the presence of radium and uranium in that State, has discovered the existence of these minerals their possibilities for the destruction as well as for the benefit, of mankind are infinite. According to this authority, that section of the State which embraces Bridgeport, New Haven, and New Milford northwards to the Massachusetts line—about 2,000 square miles—is underlain by a bed of radium sufficient in value to pay the combined national debts of the United States and England. The radium is said to be thinly distributed, with possibly not more than three centigrams (a centigram is .15432 of one grain) of the pure metal to 200 tons of earth, worth at present $1,000,000 a pound. Over it lie thousands of feet and hundreds of thousands of tons of granite, yet it is there, and…

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