Issue 22 and Volume 34.

WATERWORKS ITEMS FROM ALL PARTS. (FROM SPECIAL REPORTS TO FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING) Springfield, Neb., will build an $8,000 waterworks system. Water mains have been laid to the brewery at Columbus, Ohio. The new Snow pump at Windsor, Ont., will be installed at once. Kewanee, Ill., is laying the mains of its new waterworks system. Baraboo, Wis., will buy the local waterworks system, if not appraised above $100,000. Drinking water is sold by the barrel to tramp steamers, sailing vessels, and pilot boats. Prophetstown, Ill., having voted for a watetworks system, will start building it next spring. “The idea of his saying the water from this well was too hard! It’s splendid drinking water.” “Well, he’s from Kentucky, and he considers all w’ater too hard to drink.” Shawnee, Okla. Ter., has bonded itself in $125,000 for a waterworks and an electric light system. Springfield, Mass., will bring the question of…

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