Issue 23 and Volume 34.

THE WATER TROUBLE AT WILMINGTON. The mayor of Wilmington, Del., has not only refused to approve the contract made by the city’s water commission with the United States Sand Filtration company, of Indianapolis, but has, also, removed Water Commissioner Joseph P. Pyle from office and accepted the resignation of James P. Jones, each on the ground of incompetence and malfeasance in office. The council, with the exception of one vote, sustained the action of the mayor. Last March the water commission made a contract to pay the filtration company $187,000 for plans and specifications for a filter plant for the city. No bond was required of the company, and the city was bound to defend suits for infringement of the patent. Protesting citizens secured an injunction, preventing payment of the money to the company. The water commissioners then made a new contract whereby the city was to pay $65,000 for…

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