Issue 23 and Volume 34.

BOOK RECEIVED The Japanese are often styled the “Yankees of the Orient,” and for pluck, perseverance, and go-aheadness they well deserve the title. In evidence of its correctness is No. III. of the “Financial and Economical Annual of Japan” issued by the Department of Finance, published this year at Tokyo and printed at the Shueisha. It is enriched with a most valuable map of Japan showing the railway and steamship lines of the country. It contains the Japanese weights, measures, and money, with English equivalents, tabulated forms showing the geographical situation, the extent of coast and area, the population of the empire, tables devoted to finance, agriculture, industry, and commerce, foreign trade, banking, and money market, details as to Formosa, and information as to post, telegraph, and telephone railways, their revenues and earnings, public and private, steamships, sailing vesels, and junks, the receipts of the principal steamship companies, etc. Except…

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