Issue 23 and Volume 34.

WATER POWER AT MASSENA. The plant just completed at Massena, N. Y., by the St. Lawrence River Power company, is the greatest in the world. It has been built at a cost of almost $10,000,000 by the labor of nearly 3,000 men, spread over 2,190 days. The water has been diverted from the St. Lawrence river by a great causeway, and, after it has been used, is discharged into the Grasse river, which forms a natural tailrace, and by it is discharged into the St. Lawrence river nine miles distant. The difference between the level of the St. Lawrence and that of the Grasse is sixty feet; hence arises the possibility of the immense development of power. The ten generators already placed in the power house, like the power house itself, are the largest producers of power in the world. Each is forty feet in height and about sixty in…

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