Issue 23 and Volume 34.

WATER SUPPLY OF SOUTH DAKOTA. In South Dakota the need of an adequate water supply is extremely apparent when the character of a large part of its soil is considered. In drift regions are accumulations of alkali, which, when moisture is abundant, is useful as a fertiliser. The United States Geological Survey has divided the State up into four quadrangles—Olivet, Parker. Alexandria, and Mitchell. In the Olivet quadrangle, the lakes, which form a part of the surface water, are dry towards the end of the summer. They receive their waters directly from the rainfall, and their endurance, consequently, depends on the extent of the drainage basin, the depth of the reservoirs, and the sufficiency or lack of precipitation. After a succession of wet years the lake beds over the whole district are filled with water, but, on the other hand, during a season when the rainfall has been light they…

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