Issue 25 and Volume 34.

NEW PUMPING STATION AT PHILADELPHIA. The pumping station of the new special fire main at Delaware avenue and Race street, Philadelphia will be finished by the end of the year. The machinery will consist of eight pumps, each having a capacity of 1,200 gallons a minute. Six pumps are now in working order. Special fire mains have been laid in the district bounded by Race and Walnut streets, and the Delaware river and Broad street, which will be supplied by the pumping station. At its test last week four two and one-inch streams were thrown 200 feet into the air, and four men. attempting to control the hose nozzles, were tossed about in a dangerous manner. One was struck by a hose coupling and hurled to the edge of the river bulkhead, so that he narrowly escaped going into the river. One of his ankles was broken, and a shoulder…

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