Issue 25 and Volume 34.

THE HAVEMEYER FIREBOAT. The Havemeyer, the new steel fireboat for the New York city fire department, which is now almost ready for service on the East river and Harlem, was built at the Camden, N. J., Iron works. Her length is 116 feet; beam, twenty-five; depth, thirteen eight inches; draught, nine feet. She is fitted with the usual turrets fore and aft; has three pumps, built by the International Fire Engine company, two of which are large, with a capacity of 3,000 gallons each per minute, against a working pressure of 170 pounds. The small engine has a capacity of 900 gallons per minute, against the same working pressure. She has two Scotch boilers, each ten feet nine inches in diameter and eleven feet nine inches long. She is equipped with the most modern style of steering gear, and internally, with coal bunkers, closets, etc., and accommodation for a crew…

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