Issue 25 and Volume 34.

A PROGRESSIVE HOOSIER CITY The Water Supply and Fire Equipment of South Bend. South Bend, Ind., is a prosperous city of about 40,000 or more inhabitants, and is the seat of many manufacturing industries, the power for which is supplied by the St. Joseph river. The same source supplies the three waterpower pumps which furnish the motive power to the three Vergennes waterworks pumps, whose capacity is 1,000,000 gallons each, with three seventy-horsepower waterwheels and two 125-horsepower Wilcox boilers. At the North station, of which a view is given, also, the machinery consists of one 6,000,000 and one 3,000,000-gallon Deane steam pump, with one 208-horsepower and two 150-horsepower Babcock and Wilcox boilers, one 400-horsepower American standard copper coil heater, one duplex pump and receiver, and one Worthington air pump. So far, therefore, as the pumping capacity is concerned, the city need not fear any trouble about its water for many…

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