Issue 25 and Volume 34.

GOOD RESULTS OF THE ASSUAN DAM. The eminent English engineer, Sir Benjamin Baker, furnished some interesting particulars of the success of the great Nile dam in an address which he recently delivered, quoting from the official reports of Egyptian officials. He said that the Assiut barrage was in operation during the summer of 1902, before there was any water in the reservoir, acting merely as a regulating dam to raise the level of the water in the river, without increasing its quantity. It was estimated that the direct and indirect gain was not less than $3,000,000 in one year,on an expenditure of $5,000,000 The Assuan dam sluices began to be closed in October, 1902, and at the end of January, 1903. the reservoirwas full,and remained so until March 10 During March and April and part of May the flow down the river was supplemented to the ex tent of i.ooo.ooo…

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