Issue 25 and Volume 34.

FIRE IN THE BAKU OIL FIELDS Baku is the great petroleum centre of Southern Russia, and like Beaumont, Tex., has earned an unenviable notoriety for conflagrations. One of these, and the worst that has happened up to the present time, recently took place at Bibi-Eibat, distant nearly three miles from Baku, and continued to burn for several weeks. A spectator states that during part of the time that the fire was raging five luminous fountains of oil were burning at the same time and sending columns of flame 300 feet into the air. They consumed in the aggregate from 30,000 to 35,000 tons of oil per day, and a wall of fire, too yards long, crept slowly but surely over the reservoirs, licking up their contents and burning up the derricks. So intense was the heat that onlookers at a distance of half a mile had to shade their faces…

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