Issue 1 and Volume 35.

WHAT WATERWORKS MEN ARE DOING Construction, Extension, and Management of Plants. ALTON, ILL. A correspoondent writes thus from Alton, Ill., under date of December 21 : “The Alton waterworks case will be up again today in the United States district court at Springfield, when a decree will be filed by the attorneys for the Farmers’ Loan and Trust company, in accordance with Judge Humphrey’s decision turning over all the property of the Alton company to the owners of the bonds issued by the New England Waterworks company of Boston. An appeal will be taken to the United States Court of Appeals in Chicago, and, it is said, the case will be taken from there to the Supreme Court of the United States. Judge Humphrey will be asked at a near date to enter an order for improvements in the Alton waterworks property. Officers of the company say that no repairs…

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