Issue 1 and Volume 35.

LONDON FIRE BRIGADE HORSES Few people are aware, when they see the horses of the Metropolitan fire brigade of London careering madly to the scene of a fire, that those animals do not belong to the London county council, but are hired from jobmasters. The county council pays over $50,000 a year to one firm for horse hire, the yearly cost of each pair of horses being just under $350. These horses go on duty for a certain number of hours, and are fed and groomed by the owners who supply them. When too old for the strain of galloping to a fire, they run peacefully in harness with a private ‘bus or “four-wheeler” behind them. The old fire horse can often be detected by his manner when an engine goes hy. The “Hi! Hi!” of the men cause him to prick up his ears and strain at his traces…

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