Issue 1 and Volume 35.

THE “HARMLESS NECESSARY CAT.” A cat in a suburban portion of Steubenville, Ohio, recently enacted the role of a fire alarm, and now poses as a star actor. A night fire broke out in her owner’s home; she broke out into miauling, and made such a din that she woke the family, who had barely time to escape to the street. The man of the house was the first to be awakened, and, looking round for the cause of the tabby’s excitement, he opened the door of the parlor, only to find the whole room abaze. He instantly roused his family, who had hist time to huddle on some of their clothes and get out, when the whole roof fell in. In the scramble Puss was not forgotten, and now no money could purchase her from her owner. Boston has had three had fires during the past week. At one,…

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