Issue 1 and Volume 35.

WATER SUPPLY AT GIBRALTAR. “Mr. W. Wallace Copland, sanitary engineer, Gibraltar, Spain (writes a correspondent) has now utilised the sand-slope on the almost precipitous eastern side of the rock above Catalan bay as a huge catchment for rain water. To fill the four magnificent reservoirs, whose aggregate capacity is 5,000,000 gallons, he has constructed on the western side at Willis road, there has been bored a large sloping tunnel through the solid rock from east to west, for the conveyance of the water. Mr. Copland has hit on the ingenious idea of fixing square sheets of corrugated iron on wooden rafters to the sandslope. Even on an average yearly rainfall this new catchment should add some 6,000,000 gallons to the garrison supply. When the whole catchment scheme, covering nearly forty acres of the side of the rock, is completed, it is intended to enlarge and transform the tunnel into an…

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