Issue 1 and Volume 35.

NEW FIREPROOF FLOORING A new system of fireproof flooring has just been patented by a Swiss architect of Lucerne. The Siegwart system, as it is called, comprises a concrete flooring, and consists of hollow tubes of mortar and iron. It is claimed as a great improvement on the inventions of Monnier, Hennebique, Koener, and others in the same line. It seems to be one that might well be adopted, or, at all events, tried in the United States. In the Siegwart factory the mortar is manufactured into hollow beams ready for delivery to the builder, and forming a floor which can be laid together on the supporting walls without planking. In this way, floor after floor can be laid in a very short time, and so laid as to be used to work upon at once without scaffolding. In this way both time and expense are saved, and the work…

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