Issue 8 and Volume 35.

SMALL FIRE LOSS AT CHARLESTON The Excellent Showing of the Department for Many Years. It is very gratifying to review the report of Chief O. G. Marjcnhoff, of the Charleston, S. C., fire department. It shows that the total loss by fires for the year amounted to $28,850.35 only—the lowest but three in twenty years. This is a record of which any chief engineer might well feel proud. Charleston has a population of over 50,000, ana most of its buildings arc constructed of inflammable material. Like all old cities in the South, no particular attention was paid to fireproof construction, so that the small fire loss shows a remarkable vigilance on the part of the fire department, and one which the insurance companies ought to recognise. Only in three years has the loss been lower than in 1903. In 1900 the total loss was less than $18,000; in 1897, $21,000;…

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