Issue 8 and Volume 35.

NEW ENGLAND WATERWORKS ASSOCIATION. The February meeting of the New England Waterworks association was held at Boston on Wednesday, February 10, and, considering the weather, was very well attended. The program, as published, was adhered to and the proceedings were very interesting The following is a list of those in attendance: MEMBERS.-S. A. Agnew ; C. H. Baldwin; L. M. Bancroft; Wm. T. Barnes; J. E. Beals; George Bowers; E. C. Brooks; Fred. Brooks; George Cassell; G. F. Chace; J. C. Chase ; F. C. Coffin ; R. C. P. Coggeshall; M. F. Collins; F. H. Crandall; Gorham Dana; C. H. Eglee; F. F. Forbes; A. D. Fuller: F. L. Fuller; J. W. Goodell: X. H. Gopdnough; F. W. Gow; R. A. Hale; Hon. J. O. Hall; V. C. Hastings; H. G. Holden; H. R. Johnson; E. W. Kent; Willard Kent; G. A. King; E. S. Lamed; J. W. Locke;…

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