Issue 14 and Volume 35.

DAMS FOR BIG VALLEY. A correspondent from Redding, Shaster county, California, writes that the Federal government intends building large dams along the Pit river, so as to be able to store an immense body of water for irrigation purposes. When this is done, the Big Valley, which lies in Modoc and Lassen counties, will be turned into a huge impounding reservoir. Engineers are now making the necessary measurements and plans, whereby the Pit river waters may be kept from reaching the Sacramento, whereby the Sacramento valley will be rendered much less liable to damage from floods caused by overflow. The Pit is not a large stream; it would, therefore, take the flood-waters of several seasons to fill the proposed reservoir to its intended capacity. When it is once filled, thousands of acres in California and Nevada, which are now worthless, or, at best, afford grazing for cattle during a short…

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