Issue 14 and Volume 35.

NEW JERSEY AND NORTH RIVER TUNNEL. Thirty years ago the New York and Jersey Railroad company bought the right of the old Morton Street syndicate to construct a subaqueous tunnel between Morton street, Manhattan, New York, and Fifteenth street, Jersey City, N. J. The project was dommed to failure till Will J. McAdoo company (the Manhattan and Hudson River Tunnel company) on March 13 was able to finish the laying of the north tube of the tunnel and open up a continuous passageway from each shore. The Greathead shield system was used in the construction, and the tunnel will be used for trolley cars only. From the nearest New Jersey station to the West street station in Manhattan the dis- tance is one mile and seven-tenths. The laying of a second tube will soon be completed, and then the tunnel will be opened for traffic; like the first, it will…

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