Issue 23 and Volume 35.

TO DRAIN LOUGH NEAGH. Lough Neagh is the largest British lake outside of the colonies. Its area is 153 square miles; its coast line, sixty-five miles. The Marquis of Donegal, at present only, a few months old, is hereditary lord high admiral of the lake, on which in 1642 the last of a series of naval battles was fought. It is now proposed to drain the lake, and so to reclaim a very large acreage of laud which could be profitably utilised. Lough Neagh averages twenty to forty feet in depth, and, as it is about seventy feet above the sea level, the mere deepening of the river Bann would suffice to drain the lake, and rentier available a tract of land more than 150 miles square and of almost inestimable value for agricultural purposes, Prefare skeptics ask whether the “round towers of other days.” which legend claims lie hid…

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