Issue 23 and Volume 35.

DRAINING THE ZUYDER ZEE. The formidable work of draining the Zuyder Zee has occupied the minds of the people of Holland for over half a century. The project involves the colossal task of reclaiming by far the greater portion of the land devastated by the incursion of the sea into Holland during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, which body of water has since then been known as the Zuyder Zee (South Sea). This reclamation is to be effected by the erection of a massive sea-dyke or wall from Ewijcksluys, about ten miles distant from the Helder, by way of the island of Wieringen, to the Frisian coast opposite, which will then shut off the Zuyder Zee entirely from the ocean except at certain points where locks are to be constructed in the dyke for the passage of steamers and sailing ships. The inland water is then to be divided into…

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