Issue 24 and Volume 35.

AMERICAN FILTRATION. The New York Continental Jewell Filtration company’s system of mechanical filtration is obtaining great favor, both for municipal waterworks plants and general purposes. The fact that nearly 100 per cent, of efficiency and clarification is procured by this process shows that it is the most convenient and economical for waters under all or any conditions. The following list shows the variety of places where these filters have been installed in a short time, in addition to the great numbers of waterworks plants that have already adopted the system: H. M. Flagler, of “The Breakers,” Palm Beach, Fla., has contracted for a large plant, as well as the Spring Water Carbonating company, of Boston, and the John A. Roebling’s Sons company, of Trenton, N. J. At Sixtieth street West, in New York City, the public bath has installed a plant, which shows that for cleansing purposes it was considered…

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