Issue 24 and Volume 35.

“LUDLOW” IMPROVED HYDRANT. The “Ludlow” fire hydrant is a modern firefighter, which presents several entirely new features. One is the balanced or compensating valve, which permits of operating the fireplug with the greatest possible ease under extremely high pressure, and under low or any pressure. In this hydrant water ram or hammer cannot take place. The drip or waste-valve is located at the extreme bottom, and insures prompt and positive automatic action. With the main valve closed, not a drop of water can remain within the standpipe, whereby no so-called frost-case is needed as no ice can form to impede the movement of valves or obstruct the flow. The standpipe, also, need not be disturbed, nor is digging necessary when the working parts have to be taken out, which is easily done by simply removing the dome at the top. In operation the upper valve opens with the pressure and…

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