Issue 1 and Volume 36.

RECONSTRUCTING THE OLD CROTON AQUEDUCT. As under the new conditions incidental to the completion and filling of the new Croton reservoir, the external pressure to be resisted by the old Croton aqueduct may sometimes be twenty-pounds to the square inch, it has been determined to reinforce the structure, and to replace by detours on firm ground such portions as are built on embankments. The work is being done under the supervision of J. Waldo Smith, chief engineer. The embankments are five in number, as follows: Orser’s brook, 294 feet; Bailey’s brook, 621 feet; Purdy’s brook, 137 feet; Spring brook, 304 feet, McCord’s fill, 251 feet. These detours are in reality concrete conduits, running parallel to the old aqueduct and at a distance of fifty feet from it and call for about 1,600 linear feet of new conduit to be built. There will be no reconstruction, only repairing and reinforcing of…

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