Issue 1 and Volume 36.

A FLORIDA FIRE DEPARTMENT. Since the Spanish-American war and the establishment of the Republic of Cuba, Key West, Fla., has become a place of considerable importance. The population of the city is over 17,000. Its fire area extends over 1,500 acres, and is liable at any moment to be swept by a conflagration, as frame buildings predominate throughout. Hence, it is of first importance that it should be adequately equipped against fire, all the more that its average fire loss for the last three years has been $12,407 with an average insurance of $40,030.10 for the same period —the yearly loss being nearly one-third of the insurance. There are three fire stations which afford accommodation to a department of 185 men, of whom only eleven are paid full time, the rest being volunteers. For these is provided the following apparatus: In commission -Steamers, three (600-500-galton) ; combination chemical and hose…

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