Issue 7 and Volume 36.

AS OTHERS SEE IT. In the August number of the London Fireman the editor, in commenting editorially on the Gen. Siocum disaster, says that the “feature of the calamity which impresses one the most is the calm indifference of the American people to the loss of life. The newspapers were full of reports with the usual ‘Scare headlines,’ because they make good copy; but steamers of the same kind, as large and carrying as many passengers, and as ill-provided as the Gen. Slocum with the means of fire protection, continued quietly to ply their dangerous traffic. After all there is something to admire in this attitude, but Americans are becoming almost too indifferent to fatal accidents and too willing to take their chance. An outcry was made similar to that which followed the Iroquois Theatre fire; but it may safely be predicted that it will subside in the same way…

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