Issue 7 and Volume 36.

A BELGIAN CONCRETE STEEL RESERVOIR. The concrete-steel covered reservoir at Antwerp, Belgium, is 203 by 134 in plan; its depth of water is nearly eighteen feet. On its bottom are laid lines of drain tile in about twelve inches of broken brick. These run to a sump connected with a pump to draw down the ground water. Over the broken brick is a thin layer of 1:2:4 Portland cement concrete supporting overlapping sheets of expanded metal carried into the walls. On the top of these sheets arc laid rows of 8.8-inch 1 beams across the bottom every 7.5 feet, concrete filling up to the level of the top flanges of these beams. On the top of the concrete is a second layer of overlapping expanded metal to take up the stresses due to ground water acting on the outside of the empty reservoir. On top of these sheets pairs of…

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