Issue 7 and Volume 36.

ASPHALT-LINED RESERVOIRS. The subject of making reservoirs watertight has received the earnest thought of the most skillful engineers. What material to use and just how to use it has been the problem. It seems, however, that this problem has eventually been solved, and it is now a well-known fact that the large reservoirs in Philadelphia are a perfect success—in fact, there is no knowledge of any failure where the material and workmanship of the Barber Asphalt Paving company have been employed. There is, also, reliable authority for stating that this large company employs the most skilful chemists, and has made, and is making wonderful progress in the manipulation of asphalt for all purposes. The pipe castings, roofings, protector compounds for iron, etc., manufactured by this company are the results of intelligent work at the N?w York testing laboratory, under the direction of’ Clifford Richardson, who is the well-known chemical authority…

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