Issue 7 and Volume 36.

WATER FROM THE CATSKILLS. County Engineer J. Y. McClintock, of Rochester, N. Y., has written an open letter to Mayor McClellan of New York regarding the future water supply of the metropolis. He argues that the Catskills be made a State forest, and that the additional water supply of New York be taken from this region. Mr. McClintock says: “The development of the metropolis and of the Empire State promises to be upon such a grand scale as to be staggering to the human mind. The growing demand for a better quality of water tends to secure such a supervision and control of the area upon which the water is collected as to discourage at least its occupancy for the ordinary purposes of agriculture and local development. Within an hour’s ride by rail from the city, and with superb approaches by steamer on the Hudson, automobiles on improved roads and…

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