Issue 7 and Volume 36.

CENTRAL STATES ASSOCIATION Its Upward Growth During Eight Years. During the eight years of its existence the Central States Waterworks association (it was originally only the Ohio Waterworks association) has been a continuous success. Front being a mere local assemblage of waterworks men, with chiefly local interests to subserve, it has reached a rank which entitles its conventions to be looked upon as gatherings, whose deliberations command national consideration and are listened to and studied with the highest respect by a constituency, whose limits extend far beyond the restricted boundaries implied by its name. This is altogether owing to the fact that its membership is made up of practical men, who have only the ono object in view-—such a betterment of existing waterworks systems throughout the territory covered by its operations as shall make for the health and business prosperity of the community. Its chosen field of operations is the…

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